Enterprise Edition

Electronic laboratory notebook for groups or a company-wide usage!
Flexible, Customizable, Scalable, Secure

Technical Details

enschemLab Enterprise

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Take advantage of a modern software architecture

With ensochemLab Enterprise Edition you are prepared best even for the most demanding challenges in large companies. ensochemLab Enterprise Edition is a flexible, scalable and easy-to-maintain electronic laboratory notebook solution that is individually changed to meet your very special demands and workflows if necessary. Customer-driven extensions - like the integration into a company-wide chemical inventory system or a delivery platform - can also be implemented without any problems. Our experts would kindly appreciate a respective consultation.

Even with the standard feature set, the software can be used in broad variety of configurations - no matter if with or without a Windows domain, with an integrated user authentication or classically with user name and password, whether with Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server - ensochemLab Enterprise Edition makes it possible.

Use the possibilities of the standard user administration mode for dividing the data of your different laboratories or locations while your user numbers continue to increase or consult our experts for implementing own rules - ensochemLab Enterprise Edition has been specially desinged for the use in large international companies with different locations. Therefore, a multi-langual application (by default in English, German and French, more languages on demand) is self-evident for us.

Due to newest technology, you can quickly and flexibly respond even to fast-changing requirements. Most of the software's settings can be changed at runtime and during normal work. Self-explaining and comprehensible dialogs simplify the administrator's work and minimize failures. In the case of questions or possible problems, you can contact our sales partners' support personnel at any time.

Available extensions for the Enterprise Edition

How can you fulfill patent-relevant archiving demands without having to burden the daily laboratory work with it? You can either employ a whole department for this process, or you can use the comfortable ensochemLab revision management module. It is directly integrated into the electronic laboratory notebook software and archives your experiments fully automatically.
You need an easily usable account management tool that is specialized on ensochemLab? The ensochemLab database user manager is then the right tool for you!
The ensochemLab CombiChem module offers you an optimal support for combinatorial chemistry. Your results are automatically transferred into the laboratory notebook as experiments.
ensochemLab supports direct and comfortable access to your ACD spectra database. If you have defined a spectrum number for an analytic record in the laboratory journal, you can display the corresponding spectrum with just two mouse clicks directly from the experiment display.

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