ensochemLab Editions

With its unbeatable relation between price and performance, ensochemLab is the optimal electronic laboratory notebook solution for the single workplace in the laboratory and the office. It can be installed with only a few actions and even unexperiences users can work with it easily.
Achieve maximal productivity with the latest technology in small teams! The software (clients, server, database) can be installed within minutes. No data will be lost if you want to update once to the Enterprise Edition, because the data structures of all ensochemLab Editions are compatible and we can provide tools for the data transfer.
With ensochemLab Enterprise Edition you are prepared best even for the most demanding challenges in large companies. ensochemLab Enterprise Edition is a flexible, scalable and easy-to-maintain electronic laboratory notebook solution that is individually changed to meet your very special demands and workflows if necessary. Customer-driven extensions - like the integration into a company-wide chemical inventory system or a delivery platform - can also be implemented without any problems. Our experts would kindly appreciate a respective consultation.