Workgroup Edition

Achieve maximal productivity with the latest technology in small teams!

  • no additional software is required!
  • all features of the enterprise edition are available!

The ensochemLab Workgroup Edition is the optimal solution to achieve maximal productivity with newest technology even in small teams. Licenses are available for moderate prices in packets for 5, 10 or 15 users.

Technical Details

Technical Details

Web Server Database

You only need a Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 Server as a member of your Windows domain with Internet Information Services (IIS) installed.

The Workgroup Edition uses Microsoft SQL Server, Express Edition also possible, that you have to install on your server. The configuration of the database is then done by the ensochemLab setup.

The user administration is as easy as you could image: The ensochemLab setup application automatically creates local windows groups for read, write and administrative access to the database on the server. After the installation, you can just define your users as members of one of these groups with the well-testes Windows configuration utilities in the rage of your purchased licenses. Afterwards, these users can immediately begin with their work.

With our intuitive client installation program, even unexperienced user can install their ensochemLab client on their own.

For further details, you can download the ensochemLab user's manual in advance which is of course also included on the ensochemLab CD together with more documentation material. There you can also find recommendations and example scripts for your daily database backup.

ensochemLab grows with your demands: If necessary, you can comfortably move up to ensochemLab Enterprise Edition - Your data follows.

Please contact us for additional information, evaluation licenses, prices: