emsochemLab - The Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Electronic Laboratory Notebook for all Departments and Purposes! Flexible, Customizable, Scalable, Secure

ensochemLab User Interface

Software with the latest technology for the documentation of experiments

ensochemLab is easy to use

  • With its user-friendly interface, ensochemLab replaces the paper-based laboratory journal.

ensochemLab saves time and money

  • ensochemLab has many useful functions to make the user’s daily work much easier. Wizards, automatic calculations, auto text, user defined templates and reports, as well as many user settings help the users using the software. Extensive search features help to avoid double experiments.

ensochemLab saves intellectual properties

  • No information will be lost. Once entered data are stored save in the database and only visible for authorized users.

ensochemLab is scalable

  • Available modules for ensochemLab Enterprise Edition:
    How can you fulfill patent-relevant archiving demands without having to burden the daily laboratory work with it? You can either employ a whole department for this process, or you can use the comfortable ensochemLab revision management module. It is directly integrated into the electronic laboratory notebook software and archives your experiments fully automatically.
    You need an easily usable account management tool that is specialized on ensochemLab? The ensochemLab database user manager is then the right tool for you!
    The ensochemLab CombiChem module offers you an optimal support for combinatorial chemistry. Your results are automatically transferred into the laboratory notebook as experiments.
    ensochemLab supports direct and comfortable access to your ACD spectra database. If you have defined a spectrum number for an analytic record in the laboratory journal, you can display the corresponding spectrum with just two mouse clicks directly from the experiment display.
  • ...more on request...

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  • The standard version of ensochemLab has nearly all necessary features of a modern electronic laboratory journal software. But if you need special features, the software can be fitted to your requirements quick and easy.
  • Three languages are possible with ensochemLab: German, English, French.
  • Chemical structures and reactions can be drawn with the integrated chemical editor, but it is also possible to use ChemDraw or ISIS Draw with the ensochemLab application. All data (structures, reactions, alphanumerical data) and any files (picture files, MS Office documents, spectra, raw data …) are saved in standard formats in one database.
  • All information, including structures, substructures, reaction, subreactions can be searched with the help of the high performance chemical search engine from enso and a flexible query builder. The hits are printed well arranged as reports.

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Electronic laboratory notebook for all purposes! User-friendly, Flexible, Customizable, Scalable, Secure
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