Easy Drawing of Chemical Structures and Reactions!

The chemical drawing program ensochemEditor is a low cost, easy to use and powerful software to create drawings for chemical documentation, with many useful and timesaving features. It is a Windows® application based on the Microsoft .net Framework. All sketches can be saved in standard file formats, structures as mol-file and reactions as rxn-files.


Important Features

  • Save often used structures or reactions as templates and re-use them for further drawings. It is also possible to save single atoms with special properties like charge, valence and others as templates. System-wide and user-defined templates are supported.
  • Select which bond or atom should be used to connect to other structures.
  • The well arranged property grid enables you to modify the properties of selected objects.
  • Easily drag chains of arbitrary length with the chain tool.
  • Scale drawings to arbitrary sizes and use the integrated layout mode to align them before printing it.
  • Customize ensochemEditor to your personal preferences, you decide which fonts, sizes and colors you want to use.

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