10 reasons for ensochemLab

  1. ensochemLab saves time
    ensochemLab offers a number of functions that ease you daily routine work or even perform them completely automatically. Calculate weighing in amounts, mol, yield ... with only one click with your mouse.
  2. ensochemLab saves resources
    With the extensive search functions ensochemLab offers, you avoid time and resource consuming duplicate trials. Enable your chemists to transparently and efficiently access the available test results in order to increase your productivity.
  3. ensochemLab is easily manageable
    With ensochemLab, you need only a minimum of maintenance and administration effort. After a base installation of approximately 15 minutes, your server is already fully configured and usable with a standard configuration.
  4. ensochemLab is extendable
    Let ensochemLab become the base for your very special enterprise solution, customized to meet your respective and individual needs. We offer customer-based extension modules and additions that can be inlcuded at any time without any problem.
  5. ensochemLab is multilingual
    Enable your users at all locations to use ensochemLab in their native language. By default, English, German and French are supported. On request, additional languages can be added at any time.
  6. ensochemLab is scalable
    ensochemLab arranges itself to your environment's changing requests. Use multiple web servers to balance the query load or use a database cluster to guarantee the best availability and performance possible in regard to the backend. The software grows with your company or your workgroup: Start with ensochemLab Personal Edition, the single workplace solution, afterwards upgrade to ensochemLab Workgroup Edition, the laboratory notebook for small workgroups and finally take the step up to ensochemLab Enterprise Edition for being able to implement even the most demanding requests of a large company. With every step, you can take your data with you without any problems.
  7. ensochemLab integrates existing solutions
    Our experts would welcome to help your integrate your existing chemistry solution into ensochemLab. Connect existing chemistry databases, editors and datasets to the new system smoothly.
  8. ensochemLab is based on newest technologies
    With ensochemLab, you take the profits of newest technologies like the Microsoft .NET Framework, the data exchange via HTTP and XML as well as an innovative interface for accessing chemistry databases.
  9. ensochemLab saves money
    ensochemLab already contains an own powerful chemistry database and a comfortable chemistry editor for reactions and molecules in its scope of delivery. This saves money for expensive and complex additional software of all clients and the server.
  10. ensochemLab allows you to access your data everywhere
    The standardized server communication allows you to flexibly configure all desired access methods via your web server - no matter if you just want to work at your corporation's site or if you want to connect from a home office or even when travelling with your notebook - no problem with ensochemLab.