CombiChem Module

The ensochemLab CombiChem module offers you an optimal support for combinatorial chemistry that is not only seamlessly integrated into ensochemLab, but can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Your results are automatically transferred into the laboratory notebook as experiments.

CombiChem Module

For all newly created experiments, you can enter generic header data and a description that the software will then apply to every single record. The reactants for the enumeration can either by drawn manually in your configured chemistry editor or can be comfortably imported from an arbitrary SD file along with their respective alphanumerical data. Even manually changing the created proucts is possible.

On the weighing sheet, there are comprehensive calculation functions that ease everyday tasks or even fully automate them.

The module supports arbitrary enumerators which can be flexibly integrated via your software configuration. In the standard release, interfaces to the Accord Chemistry SDK1 are already included. If you want to use a different enumerator, our experts would kindly consult you for optimal results.

The module's standard version can be used as a basis for implementing your very own workflows in the area of combinatorial chemistry at any time.