New in Version 7

ensochemLab in version 7.0 is the first step in a successive migration plan of ensochemLab client running within the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. Along with that, the user interface of several dialogs has been remodeled, processes were integrated more seamlessly and functionality was added.

In the course of redesigning dedicated modules in ensochemLab, a special importance was placed on optionally working with different areas in parallel. When entering data or executing searches in dialogs there is no need to finalize those actions, thus the dialog can stay open and dealing with others tasks is possible. Registering data also is processed, whenever practicable, in background, so that, after being done with a step, next action can be started right away, no waiting necessary.

Operating the application is smooth, assistance, especially in case of daily routines, more efficient. In that first step, this is not only but especially true for more administrative tasks and when moving on, providing stepwise additional remanufactured modules, this strategy will be a benefit for all functional groups in ensochemLab.

When remodeling views of complex data, as there are personal settings e.g., these are arranged more clearly now, which resulted in a better, even more intuitive handling and maximum use of available features respectively. Whenever applicable it's e.g. possible to sort table content, resize or position windows to user's preference. In addition to all those improvements, simply switching between modules by Alt-Tab is another optimization.

Experiment search

  • All searches, except the ones for "own experiments", are now combined in one dialog, on separate pages. Any single search can be executed without closing the dialog. If a search takes a little longer, there is no need to wait till results are available, navigation to another page and start an appropriate other task is possible. Each search preserves its own result list; an icon indicates not yet transferred hits. That dialog providing the searches does not need to be closed in order to continue working with ensochemLab. It's possible to e.g. transfer hits, using them in the application and then switch back to the search window.

Fulltext search in binary attachements)

  • For editions using Oracle databases a new module providing fulltext search in binaries is integrated. Taking advantage of this new feature enables a user to query those documents, refining the results with a preview function and finally transfer the hits as a result list to ensochemLab.

Reagent Management

  • Reagents management module now supports search in chemistry and a selection of alphanumerical data too. That way, seeking a wanted reagent is way easier, no matter if the goal is to add data to an experiment or modifying and validating details by authorized personnel. The possibility to assign stock data for single reagents has been added as an additional set of data. Permissions to allow modification of stock data can be adjusted by an administrator.

Internal user management, User objects, Visibility, Ownership, Super user permissions

  • Internal user management, administration of user objects, modification of visibility and ownership of experiments as well as granting permissions for super users has been remodeled completely and combined in new dialog with a user friendly, modern interface. Especially tasks like e.g. handling rotation in project related work, coming along with the need to adapt responsibilities are now quite simple but still under full control.

User settings

  • The window to manage personal settings also has been completely remodeled, there is no need to close it in terms of continue working with ensochemLab using other modules. Adapting appropriate features to user's preferences is simplified by an optimized grouping, allowing a modification with a minimum of clicks.

Administration settings

  • Last but not least the administration settings dialog now is redesigned too; the user interface has been changed to meet daily tasks better. Granting rights to super users has been moved to user management and this window must not be closed as well in case regular working with ensochemLab is a job done in parallel.