New features in version 6

New features in version 6:

Experiment information in navigator

  • When the mouse is moved over an experiment's status or book icon in the navigator, the following additional experiment information is shown in a hint window: project, purpose, test series, owner and creation date.

Date / time adjustment in tabular description

  • Using an existing experiment as a template for tabular reaction documentation it was tedious to adjust the date and time entries for each step. Version 6.0 now includes an assistant which recalculates date and time values according to a new reference value. This assistant is available in the functions "tabular description" and "process description" as well.

New data type "Link" for additional data

  • The new data type link is identical to a text field where the content is a hyperlink. The link can be opened in a web browser by clicking or context menu. The display of the link can be defined in the font settings.

Default navigator section and experiment display at startup

  • You can now define the last open section to be expanded automatically after login. In addition you can reselect the last experiment shown at startup (as far as it is contained in the selected navigator section).

Binary attachments for literature data

  • Binary attachments are now supported also for literature data. Entering and edition these attachments conform to binary data for description, fractions and analytics.

Automatical calculation of metal content (optional)

  • For components marked as metal compounds the metal content will be automatically calculated when a chemical structure or empirical formula is available. The calculation is based on the transition metals contained in the compound.

New reactions / products as metal compounds per default (optional)

  • If the metal chemistry option is activated new reactants and products will be marked as metal compounds by default and the additional data fields are available for entering data.

Visibility of previous experiment versions (optional module "revisions")

  • The visibility of previous experiment versions can be granted to single users as a superuser permission. Users with this permission can see experiment versions when visibility has been granted to administrators in general.