About Us

chem IT Services is providing scientific software, IT solutions and services primarily to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as to academic and government research centres.

It is our objective and philosophy to offer high quality software and professional all inclusive services for an excellent price/performance ratio.

It is not a coincidence that we are working successfully in this area. The owners of the company are chemists with a long experience in this area. This means:

  • We understand your questions, requirements and needs.
  • We can offer high quality and low cost solutions very quickly.

Dr. Thomas Wörner the founder of chem IT Services was previously software developer then sales manager for Scienceserve, where he was successful in selling desktop software and enterprise solutions into the market.

Prior to joining Dr. Theodor Haag was software developer at enso Software GmbH.Among other tasks he played a decisive role in designing, project set-up, development and customizing of the electronic laboratory notebook ensochemLab.

We offer many services to assist you from the initial contact to the completion phases of your project and we will work closely with you and your organization to develop a concept that will meet your specific needs.

Some services:
  • Flexible licensing models.
  • Independent consulting services.
  • Tailored IT solutions exactly to the individual requirements.
  • Design and development of applications, interfaces and tools.
  • Data migration and database design.
  • (Chemical) file converter.
  • End user training.
  • Maintenance.
  • Support.

Our clients are served promptly and flexibly on a project specific and reliable basis!