HyperChem Licenses

Available Licenses
  • HyperChem Professional Release 8 Standalone License for Windows (Permanent or Annual)
  • HyperChem 8.0 Student Edition for Windows (High School)
  • HyperChem Lite for Windows, Standalone License
  • Pocket HyperChem for Windows Mobile 5.0
  • HyperChem Standalone License for MAC

Network Licenses
  • HyperChem Professional 8 Network Licenses

Site Licenses
  • HyperChem site licenses seem to be attractively priced and have been popular options. Hypecube is continuing the practice of offering all platforms with a site license. Thus, a site license to Professional HyperChem now enables a customer to have unlimited copies of any and all of the three products - Windows, Mac, and Linux.0 (Annual or Permanent)