HyperChem for Linux - Evaluation

The files that are included with the downloaded Linux distribution of HyperChem can be inspected by the following command, executed from the directory where chem.tar.tgz resides on the Linux machine:

tar -ztvf chem.tar.tgz

To license your evaluation copy of HyperChem for Linux, make an attempt to run the software with the command,


from the directory where it resides. A dialog box will appear that contains a 7-digit Lock Code that is a fingerprint identifying your machine. Send this 7-digit code by e-mail to: info@chemits.com along with a request for a specific evaluation license. Mention the Serial Number 7339999 in your request.

We will send you back a 20-character License Code that you should type into the same dialog box mentioned above. This will allow your copy of HyperChem for Linux to run for a specified time period on that specific machine. When you exit HyperChem, the License Code will be stored in the chem.ini file and HyperChem will run as long with that license as long as the time limit on the license has not expired.

The time-limit on the license is 10 days. The license clock begins at the time the license is sent to you.