Developer Tools

We provide tools, which are easy to use within your applications. They are well documented and have open standardized interfaces.

ensochemEditor is a universally usable chemical editor for molecules and reactions. Draw even complex chemistry information in the twinkling of an eye and display your data in the very best quality. The comprehensive help file with its step-by-step tutorials guide you through the most important features within minutes.
The ensochemViewer is an outstanding technology for displaying molecules and reactions in the MDL MOL / RXN file format.
ensochemAccess is the perfect application to set up your personal chemistry database. Full searchable by structures, substructures, reactions, subreactions and of course all other data.
Universally applicable software solution to search for structures and reactions. Due to its well documented interfaces, ensochemSearch can be integrated into any custom Windows application.
Add chemical structure/substructure search functions to your corporate web application within a few minutes

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