Antibase 2012

The Microbiological Data Collection from Prof. Hartmut Laatsch, University of Göttingen

The current version of Antibase contains more than 34.400 datasets with information about naturally occurring carotenoids, quinines and compounds, which have been extracted from microorganisms, higher fungi, algae, and dinoflagellates.soliert wurden.

AAll data have been collected from the primary and secondary literature and were carefully checked and validated, updates are released annually.

The database includes the following information:

  • Descriptive Data (molecular formula and mass, elemental composition, CAS registry number)
  • Physico-Chemical Data (melting point, optical rotation)
  • Spectroscopic Data (UV, 13C-NMR, IR and mass spectra)
  • Biological Data (pharmacological activity, toxicity)
  • Information on origin and isolation
  • Summary of literature sources

For those compounds, where no measured spectra are existing up to now, predicted 13C-NMR spectra produced by SpecInfo have been added to the datasets.

The database is fully searchable, with structure and substructure search capabilities

AntiBase 2008 is available for:

  • MDL ISIS/Base
  • ChemFinder
  • SciDex

Demo software can be downloaded from the download page.

We offer a considerable discount to educational institutions!

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